An introduction to the world of Avitourism

Birding or birdwatching is on the rise. As the world becomes smaller and more accessible, travel is easier and cheaper. Keen birders have always found ways to connect and share information. It lies in the essence of birding itself; you can only discover more when you have a grasp of the present knowledge. Birding is for the curious minded, the tourist who when travelling, will not consider themselves a tourist, but rather to be simply pursuing their passion, wherever it takes them. The fascinating thing with birding is that there is always more to explore. 

When dedicated people meet a culture and a common understanding is developed, connections are made in an instant. Catering to birders can be a tricky business if you don´t understand the culture. A birder can travel to a new country and a new culture, but once they meet with a local birder chances are they will instantly connect. Birding is a worldwide culture, complete with its “language”, ideals, morals, websites, businesses and so much more. This website aims to give the reader a better understanding of birding in general, and how it relates to tourism worldwide.