Biotope is a pro-nature architectural practice, based in Vardø, Varanger. It is the world´s first and only architectural office with special expertise on birds and birdwatching. Since 2009 we have been working with the development of Varanger as a birding destination. Our goal has been to make birding 'big' in Varanger, and to raise awareness of the region's unique and very rich birdlife, both locally and to an international audience. The number of talks we have given, projects we have run and people we have met and worked with is too large to count. It has been a fast-forward non-stop journey of nature destination development. Varanger is today widely considered to be one of the world's finest arctic birding destinations.

Along with architecture, we have become heavily involved with all of the other aspects of avitourism. We have produced a book on birding in Varanger ( and continue to work with many other avitourism projects.

Varanger was just the beginning and we now have projects working in the architectural side of avitourism across the world (Including Russia, Iceland, the UK and China). This insight has prompted us to create this website as a resource for tourism businesses and interested individuals looking to become more involved with birds and nature destination development. We hope it will be interesting and enlightening.

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